Liverpool: Linders has revealed how close he came to replacing Klopp

Liverpool: Linders has revealed how close he came to replacing Klopp

Former Liverpool assistant manager Pep Linders has revealed how close he came to replacing Klopp. Linders has shared some of his conversations with Klopp, revealing that reports of him taking over at the club were not far from the truth.

The announcement of Klopp ‘s departure marked this season and, understandably, the debate over the successor has sparked interest. Several names were released and this list also included that of Linders, Liverpool ‘s assistant coach , who for many would be the spiritual successor of the German technician.

However, in the end, Arne Slott was chosen to take on the pivotal task of leading the team to success, while Linders instead took over as the first coach of the Salzburg team . The Dutchman, however, has now come forward with revelations about what happened and ultimately no further progress was made with his case.

Asked if he himself wanted to take over the Reds, the Dutch coach replied: Jürgen asked me about it a few times in the last few years.


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“Last season Jurgen asked me the question and twice this year, but each time I said no. The first reason was that I really felt that this was a project of all of us. Jurgen was in charge and I really felt that we had to finish this the project together ,” said Linders.

“Secondly, I’ve been at Liverpool for almost 10 years. I was ready for a new experience: new people, my own staff, my own players. I gave everything I had to this team. I think the club would continue with him way if I stayed here.”

“I feel that the team also needs something new…”

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